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Call for Session Proposals – 2018 Conference

Members of the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group are invited to submit proposals to organize a session at the 2018 Annual Conference.

Take advantage of this leadership opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with an audience of your peers

Important Deadlines – Call for Session Proposals is Closed

February 15             Session proposals are due (only completed proposals will be considered)
February 21             Submissions are selected
March 15                  Final session descriptions and speakers are confirmed

How to Apply

Download the Session Proposal Guidelines
Deadline: February 15, 2018 

Members of the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group are invited to submit a proposal to organize a concurrent session or “campfire” session at the 2018 Annual Conference. Organizing a session at the AGAG 2018 Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for funders to build knowledge about grantmaking in Africa by sharing lessons learned and expertise with your peers. AGAG is committed to fostering a diversity of constructive experiences, opinions, and approaches. The Annual Conference is a forum for sharing, learning, and connecting with colleagues and stakeholders working in support of positive change in Africa.

Please carefully read the Session Proposal Guidelines before submitting a proposal. Proposals must be submitted online.  Please note that submission does not guarantee selection.

Questions? Contact us – 2018agag (at)

Session Types

Concurrent Sessions are more traditional and follow the form of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations.

Campfire Sessions are informal, interactive and designed to engage a small group of people. They are meant to explore a single issue or topic,  or ask a question. Campfire sessions begin with one or two speakers presenting an idea or topic. After 10-15 minutes, the focus shifts from the speaker to the audience, and the speaker serves as a facilitator.

Session Content and Format

Sessions should highlight topics and issues of interest to both new and experienced funders working in Africa, even if their current funding is not targeting those specific areas. Concurrent sessions and campfire sessions are 60 minutes, and their program time slots will be finalized once selections are made. 

Session topics can range from advocacy and service delivery to research and policy. However, the topic should relate to one or more of the conference themes: disrupting silos, connecting conversations, and creating impact.

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

Proposals will be accepted from AGAG members who are in good standing and registered to attend the 2018 Conference. Members may collaborate with other members and funders who are not AGAG members. However, the AGAG member must serve as the primary point of contact and is responsible for the session. Co-organizers who are not members must be funders and must meet the eligibility requirements for membership. Session Organizers must be registered to attend the 2018 Annual Conference. 


Conference attendees comprise a diverse group of funders that includes new and experienced grantmakers from different backgrounds funding in a range of areas. Sessions may be designed for a specific audience such as new funders or those unfamiliar with a topic, or experienced funders. We ask you to specify if your session has a target audience in your proposal.

Selection Considerations

A session will be selected based on its ability to:

  • introduce new information
  • highlight important issues that receive little attention
  • deepen our understanding of a familiar topic
  • illustrate how philanthropy is helping to solve a specific problem
  • explore a timely issue or topic
  • engage the audience

How to Apply?

Download the Session Proposal Guidelines
Deadline: February 15, 2018 

Questions? Email us at agag2018 (at)