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2019 Conference Feedback and Poll

Audience Profile 

The audience included a mix of different types of funding and philanthropy support organizations from five countries. Forty-three percent were attending for the first time.

Post Conference Survey Feedback

Following the conference, participants received a survey about their experience. Here is what they said: 






























Audience Poll

AGAG used an interactive platform to poll the participants prior to and during the conference. Prior to the conference, participants were asked, “how do you think that disrupting silos and connecting conversations can lead to more impact for funding targeting Africa?”  The following are some of their responses:

  • Funders need to make more time to connect with each other and talk about who and what they are funding so there can be a better understanding about issues.
  • It allows different perspectives to enter the fold so that we can challenge our own ideas/assumptions to make smarter funding choices.
  • There will be less duplication and funding can stretch further. There will be more innovation and funders will be encouraged to make smart funding choices.
  • We can develop more responsive and impactful collaborations. Funders need to be more intentional about what we support and how we go about doing that.
  • It provides more resources and opportunities for solving problems that a single organization or institution cannot solve.
  • Innovation comes from different types of people and organizations collaborating to tackle big challenges.