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Building Peace in Africa: Carnegie Corporation of New York

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Member Spotlight *

This week’s member spotlight focus is on the Carnegie Corporation of New York support to strengthen peace building efforts across Africa through supporting research, training, and networks. 

Peacebuilding in Africa is a special, cross initiative in collaboration with Carnegie’s International Peace and Security program (IPS) and Higher Education and Research in Africa sub program (HERA) to support improving the practice and effectiveness of peacebuilding.

Grants have supported efforts to:

  • Strengthen the peacebuilding field in Africa and to improve peacebuilding interventions, including through the creation of a network of dedicated research and training programs, capacity-building efforts, and improved research outputs and dissemination. 
  • Connect African peacebuilding experts to international communities and help in creating a vibrant community of experts whose voices are recognized on policy selection and implementation.
  • Draw lessons from peace building efforts in other regions of the world, to expand Africa’s expertise and capacity.

Carnegie also supported meetings on African Peacebuilding in partnership with the Social Science Research Council’s African Peacebuilding Network in New York and the African Leadership Centre in Nairobi.   Three conferences have been held: “Peacebuilding in Africa: Evolving Challenges, Responses, and New Thinking,” in February 2015; “Conference on Peacebuilding in Africa: Developing African Approaches,” in March 2016; and “Peacebuilding in Africa: Sustaining Inclusive Civil Society Engagement” in March 2017. 

These conferences bring together scholars, researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners to engage in a series of high-level dialogues and provide a forum for African perspectives on policy developments that impact peace building efforts across Africa.  The conferences also provide an opportunity for organizers to consolidate strategies and offer new ways of thinking about solutions to resolving conflicts and building peace.

The African Peacebuilding Network Working Papers series contains independent research papers that explore the range of issues related to the field and presents diverse perspectives.  Check out the APN Working Papers.

For more information about Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilding in Africa initiative, visit their website.

*Member Spotlight highlights how members of AGAG are working to promote robust, effective, and responsive philanthropy to benefit African communities. 

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