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Building Stronger Partnerships: Conversation With EJ Jacobs

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Conversation With *

EJ Jacobs,  Program Director, Nduna Foundation and author of ” The Conversation: Candid Perspectives and Advice on Fundraising Shared By Donors and Nonprofits.”

Niamani Mutima, AGAG Director, talks with EJ Jacobs about his book, “The Conversation: Candid Perspectives and Advice on Fundraising Shared by Donors and Nonprofits.” They discuss his extensive interviews with donors and nonprofits leaders from around the world and what he learned from them about the ways to build stronger partnerships that help philanthropy to have more impact on the lives of the people it seeks to help, 

During the conversation, Jacobs talks candidly about how the perceptions that donors and non-profits have about each other influence their relationships in both positive and negative ways and can often lead to misconceptions and lost opportunities. He gives practical advice to both donors and nonprofits about how they can build stronger partnerships with each other. 

About EJ Jacobs

The motto of the Nduna Foundation is “Make it Matter.” For EJ Jacobs, the Program Director of the Foundation, this is more than a motto; it is a guiding principle. Since 2010, Mr. Jacobs has embraced philanthropy beyond simple grantmaking. Through listening to the populations of the areas he hopes to serve, amplifying the voices of those who don’t always have access to the proper audience, strengthening multilateral partnerships, and embracing, as well as offering a fresh set of ideas in areas lacking innovation, Mr. Jacobs and the Nduna Foundation have found success in often ignored or underserved areas.

Focused primarily on conflict and post-conflict regions throughout Africa, the Nduna Foundation works to maintain Human Rights and significantly impact the lives of women and children through strategic partnerships and bold initiatives. Nduna’s partners range from large, but trusted organizations such as Human Rights Watch and UNHCR to more nimble and clandestine groups that include Crisis Action and Refuge Point. Some of the initiatives include support for and collaboration with youth-led and refugee-led programmes.

Before joining the Nduna Foundation, EJ Jacobs was the Editor-in-Chief of TopCoat magazine. 


*Conversation With is a series of the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group