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Category Archives: New Resources

Honest Accounts 2017: How the World Profits from Africa’s Wealth – PDF – 2017

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PDF – 2017 – The Honest Accounts 2017: How the World Profits from Africa’s Wealth report is published by the Jubilee Debt Campaign, a global movement working to break the chains of debt.  Overall, this study indicates that much more wealth is leaving Africa than actually entering it.  This report makes recommendations on reducing the […]

A Breakdown of the Distribution of U.S. Foundation Funding by African Recipients

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Within the U.S. Foundation Funding of Africa report, we provide an infographic illustrating which countries in Africa received how much funding from U.S. based foundations.  Overall, approximately $1.5 billion dollars were funded to Africa. The top 5 recipients being Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Senegal. On the opposite end of the list lives Gabon, […]

Foundation Funding By Geographic Focus

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The U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa report focuses on many aspects of foundation funding for Africa with a large focus on where money was given geographically.   In 2012, just over one-quarter of foundation giving for Africa targeted organizations headquartered in 36 of the 54 countries on the continent, led by the Kenya-based African Agricultural […]

Death & Dying in the Eastern Cape: An Investigation into the Collapse of a Health System – PDF

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PDF – 2015 – This special report of the TAC/Section27 NSP Review has been researched and written because throughout 2012 and 2013 awareness of the scale of the health system crisis in the Eastern Cape and its adverse impact on patients and health providers. This is not a report of statistics and numbers, but of […]

Access to Emergency Medical Services in the Eastern Cape Hearing Report – PDF

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The South African Human Rights Commission (“SAHRC” or “Commission”) is specifically mandated to promote the protection, development and attainment of human rights, as well as to monitor and assess the observance of human rights in South Africa.

In 2007 the Commission hosted a Public Hearing on Access to Health Care Services, which partly examined emergency transport and transportation costs. The Commission found that there appeared to be insufficient provision of emergency care, which impacted especially harshly on rural patients, and further noted that the cost of transport was a major prohibitive factor in accessing their health entitlements.

Drawing from a number of written and oral submissions made by community representatives this report aims to provide insight into the complex and inter-related challenges in the delivery of and access to emergency medical services and healthcare in general in the Eastern Cape. The report also highlights the fact that poverty remains an inherent barrier to accessing basic services, and that measures aimed at addressing the current difficulties cannot be taken by the Department of Health alone, but requires committed and in-depth cooperation and collaboration at both an inter-sectoral (i.e between departments) and inter-sphere level of government, with further partnership needed with both civil society and communities in order to create sustainable solutions and achieve equitable service delivery on the ground.

Journey to Equality: 10 Years of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa – PDF

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PDF – 2013 – In February 2006, when a 13 year-old Zambian school girl was raped by her teacher, the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa (the Protocol) was one of the tools that facilitated justice. This 2013 publication commemorates the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Protocol on the Rights of Women […]

Fundraising Guide for Women’s Community-Based Organizations – PDF

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PDF – 2014 – This fundraising guide originated from the desire to help grassroots organizations struggling to raise enough money to be able to meet their needs. Fundraisers developed this guide to help women’s groups better understand the world of grantseeking and build their skills to raise money for their desired causes and projects.  It […]

Rural Women Cultivating Change – Video

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Video – 2011 – New Field Foundation’s funding is contributing to significant change. As rural organizations connect and gain momentum, their leaders are influencing changes in attitudes and policies. Their members are removing barriers and improving the quality of life as they overcome poverty, violence and injustice. Due to New Field Foundation funding, and the efforts […]

Women’s Rights to Natural Resources – PDF

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PDF – 2012 – The long-term well-being of the planet, its peoples and natural resources is of global concern to governments and civil society. As we face the 21st century challenges of climate change, growing population, and increasing demands on natural resources, it is relevant and strategic to consider the contribution of women in defining […]

Funding Rural Women’s Organizations in Senegal – PDF

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PDF – 2014 – This New Field Foundation presentation identifies key changes experienced by rural women and their organizations in Senegal due to the grant funding they received. It focuses on changes in women’s leadership and food security. Key Questions What changes have taken place for rural women’s groups and their members as a result of […]