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Category Archives: Responsive Philanthropy

Philanthropy Nigeria | Get to know the Nigerian Philanthropic Sector

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According to the United Nations World Populations Aspects report, by 2050, Africa will account for the highest population increase with an additional 1.3 billion people on the continent; much of the growth in Nigeria. The report predicts Nigeria will become the world’s third largest country, one of the six nations projected to have a population of […]

KCDF – 20 Years of Community Philanthropy

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Member Spotlight* In June, the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in Nairobi with “Durable Development – Shifting the Power: Building Community Resilience,” a special two-day conference that will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to brainstorm strategies for sustainable development in the region. KCDF was formed in 1997 by […]

The High-Impact Giving Strategy for 2017? Love

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Flipping through my photo archive from the past year, I came across a snapshot of the bridge of locks in Paris. Not the more famous Pont des Arts, which was dismantled for safety reasons in 2015, but a tiny bridge named Pont de l’Archevêché. Because they rarely venture off the beaten path, few tourists have discovered this smaller […]

Africa Philanthropy Support Organizations

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The growth and development of Africa philanthropy support organizations and their contribution to the evolution of the field were the topics of discussion at the AGAG 2016 Retreat.  Moderator Yvonne Moore guided the discussion with Evans Okinyi of the East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), Karen Sai of the Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) and Niamani Mutima of […]

2016 Retreat – Social Protest and Democracy

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Most of the usual opportunities when Africa grantmakers come together are as part of international or issue-oriented meetings, but AGAG’s annual meeting is one of the rare occasions where a common interest in Africa brings funders together.  In April 2016 representatives of funding organizations, NGO leaders and academics came together at the AGAG Retreat to […]

A Breakdown of the Distribution of U.S. Foundation Funding by African Recipients

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Within the U.S. Foundation Funding of Africa report, we provide an infographic illustrating which countries in Africa received how much funding from U.S. based foundations.  Overall, approximately $1.5 billion dollars were funded to Africa. The top 5 recipients being Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Senegal. On the opposite end of the list lives Gabon, […]

Foundation Funding By Geographic Focus

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The U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa report focuses on many aspects of foundation funding for Africa with a large focus on where money was given geographically.   In 2012, just over one-quarter of foundation giving for Africa targeted organizations headquartered in 36 of the 54 countries on the continent, led by the Kenya-based African Agricultural […]

A Brief Overview of the U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa Report

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The U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa represents a first- ever examination of grantmaking by the nation’s foundation community specifically focused on continental Africa. Prepared by Foundation Center in cooperation with Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group, this report captures all U.S. foundation funding focused on Africa, regardless of recipient location. We begin with an examination of the change […]

Death & Dying in the Eastern Cape: An Investigation into the Collapse of a Health System – PDF

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PDF – 2015 – This special report of the TAC/Section27 NSP Review has been researched and written because throughout 2012 and 2013 awareness of the scale of the health system crisis in the Eastern Cape and its adverse impact on patients and health providers. This is not a report of statistics and numbers, but of […]

Access to Emergency Medical Services in the Eastern Cape Hearing Report – PDF

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The South African Human Rights Commission (“SAHRC” or “Commission”) is specifically mandated to promote the protection, development and attainment of human rights, as well as to monitor and assess the observance of human rights in South Africa.

In 2007 the Commission hosted a Public Hearing on Access to Health Care Services, which partly examined emergency transport and transportation costs. The Commission found that there appeared to be insufficient provision of emergency care, which impacted especially harshly on rural patients, and further noted that the cost of transport was a major prohibitive factor in accessing their health entitlements.

Drawing from a number of written and oral submissions made by community representatives this report aims to provide insight into the complex and inter-related challenges in the delivery of and access to emergency medical services and healthcare in general in the Eastern Cape. The report also highlights the fact that poverty remains an inherent barrier to accessing basic services, and that measures aimed at addressing the current difficulties cannot be taken by the Department of Health alone, but requires committed and in-depth cooperation and collaboration at both an inter-sectoral (i.e between departments) and inter-sphere level of government, with further partnership needed with both civil society and communities in order to create sustainable solutions and achieve equitable service delivery on the ground.