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Weekend Facebook Feature





This weekend’s Facebook feature highlights an article presented by Whyy Public Media:

An article of clothing by a Philadelphia fashion designer has a cameo appearance in the biggest blockbuster movie in the world right now.

Black Panther includes pieces by Wale Oyejide, whose design company shares with the film an underlying message of African pride.

As a superhero action film with all the impossibly high-flying stunts you would expect from the Marvel comic book movie, “Black Panther” also features a mythical African world emerging from self-imposed isolation, with something to teach the world about power, leadership, and style.

“Watching ‘Black Panther’ for me, as a Nigerian, was seeing my culture on the screen that is not only authentic but an homage — that excellence can be from Africa,” said Oyejide, an attorney turned fashion designer based in West Philadelphia.

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