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Member Area

As a member of the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group when you log in to the Member Area you have access to the information and resource that are not available to the public.

MEMBER LOG-IN PAGE – If you are a member of AGAG and have registered you can enter your username and password.

How to Register – Members must register first to gain access to the Member Area.  If you are a member and you have not registered go to  Register for Member Access.   After you register you will receive an email to verify your address and change your password.  If you do not receive an email please remember to check your spam folder.  If you have trouble contact us. 

Not a member but want to know how to become a member so you can access Member Resources?   Read All About Membership

Member Directory » 

The Member Directory provides information on both individual and institutional members. For institutional members the directory includes the contact information for the program staff involved in grantmaking to Africa,  current funding interests, and resources on their funding strategies and approaches.  The resources listed can can be found in the Resources section of this website.

Member Funding Search – Full Profiles »

Using the Member Funding Search- Full Profiles, you can search the funding interests of members and see their full profiles in the search results.

Members Resources Search – All Resources »

Using the Members Resources Search- All Resources, you will get search results that include both the resources available to the public and the resources available only to members