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Philanthropy Nigeria | Get to know the Nigerian Philanthropic Sector

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According to the United Nations World Populations Aspects report, by 2050, Africa will account for the highest population increase with an additional 1.3 billion people on the continent; much of the growth in Nigeria. The report predicts Nigeria will become the world’s third largest country, one of the six nations projected to have a population of over 300 million people. 

Foundations and other funding organizations have supported the work of organizations inside and outside of Nigeria to improve the living conditions for different communities.  Data and access to information both play an important part in how philanthropy operates but it is not always easily available.  Organizations like the Foundation Center has been a source of data, analysis, and training for those making grants and those seeking to find grant support. 

Philanthropy Nigeria is a website provided by the Foundation Center, developed in cooperation with Funding Information Network Partners in Nigeria and with support from the Ford Foundation. Although the information is predominately about U. S. funding sources, the Foundation Center is expanding its data to include funding sources outside of the United States. 

Philanthropy Nigeria provides Nigerian charitable organizations with information that can help to reduce redundancy and create awareness about the range of organizations working throughout the country. The website offers tools and resources helpful to public, private and corporate funders and organizations seeking funds to support their to improve Nigerian communities.

The tools and resources available include a collection of reports and webinars.  There is also a map that visualizes funding patterns (paywall).  If you want to access the map from your computer you will need a subscription to Foundation Maps however, if you are based in Nigeria you can access it from the offices of the five funding information network partners based in Nigeria which are:

For more information visit Philanthropy Nigeria’s website.

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