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Report Highlight: Why Africa Matters To US National Security

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 Why Africa Matters to US National Security, written by Grant T. Harris, outlines why the persistent misconception that Africa is irrelevant to U.S. national security is “dangerous” and that “serious engagement in Africa is needed.”  Harris was former Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council.  Among the main reasons Africa is important are:

  1. transnational threats
  2. economic growth
  3. the importance of natural resources
  4. the use of international order that benefits the United States

 The report is part of a partnership between the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center and the OCP Policy Center.  It provides an overview of Africa’s growing strategic importance to America’s national security interests. Although policymakers and analysts have regularly undervalued Africa’s importance, this report helps us gain a better understanding of why. 

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