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Evaluation and Learning: Navigating the Range of Approaches – PDF

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PDF- 2012 Retreat Report -The meeting explored how to navigate the range of approaches to evaluation and learning for grantmaking to Africa. The discussions revealed the complexity of the issues and the range of opinions in identifying the best solutions for each situation.  

Questions raised included:

How grant partners and funders evaluate their results?

What is success to a grantmaker, its partners, and the grantees’ constituents?

How will we measure outcomes, and how will we know success when we see it?

What do organizations learn from this experience?

The agenda examined these questions using a theoretical and practical lens, looking at quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods and their roles in strategic planning, program design and implementation.

Six case studies revealed the practical aspects in approaching evaluation and reflected the many evaluation and learning approaches currently being used by foundations. Participants left with a greater understanding of how grantmakers can identify their evaluation needs, the types of questions they can ask, methodologies available to them, how they will learn from evaluation results, and how this information can help set priorities.

This summary report presents some of the key topics and points of discussion. 

Download – Evaluation and Learning: Navigating the Range of Approaches – 2012 Retreat Report