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Funding Impact: Partnerships, Networks & Collaborations: A Learning Opportunity – PDF

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PDF – 2008 Report – This conference wFunding-Impact-2008-Conference-as held in Johannesburg, South Africa and brought together over a hundred funders from the United States and countries in Africa and Europe. Over 25% of the participants represented African funders making the mix of people and funding agencies represented quite unique. More than once, delegates commented on what a rare opportunity it was to attend a meeting in Africa about Africa with such a mix of funders at the table including African funders. While AGAG holds an Annual Retreat for members and private funders, the Conference was an experiment to include funders from the public sector and to organize a meeting in Africa. During the conference participants visited local organizations to learn more about NGOs working to improve life in South African communities at all levels.  

Download – Funding Impact: Partnerships, Networks and Collaborations