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Funder Toolbox

Curating information about current strategies and trends

As part of our efforts to build a more knowledgeable and informed network of funders we feature resources that would make good addition to any funders’ toolbox. Learning what others re doing is an essential to becoming more effective and strategic grantmakers.  Topics change frequently, so check back often. 

Mapping Digital Media – Open Society Foundations

We live in the digital age but do you wonder about the impact of the switch from analog to digital media?  What to know more about digital media in Africa?  The Open Society Foundations‘  Mapping Digital Media Project  has produced several reports on the risks and opportunities of new and digital media in countries across the globe. The reports examine changes in the role of the media when countries switch from analog to digital media services and as informant, watchdog, and purveyor of democratic ideals.  “Digital Journalism: Making News, Breaking News” covers geographic and thematic trends in 58 countries including several in Africa.  

The Digital Media Project also produced reports on media in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.  Kenya is now globally recognized as a leader in app development and technology innovation.

Data Visualization – Making Research Accessible

Research organizations have lots of data but making it accessible is often challenging.  The 2013 On Think Tank Data Visualization Competition supported by the Open Society Foundations Think Tank Program invited think tanks in low and middle-income countries to submit infographics that make their data more accessible.  

Check out the 2013-2014 Competition Compilation of all the visualizations submitted. Included are the infographics used by the Institute of Economic Affairs in Kenya to answers questions about the national debt and health budget, and the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre in Zambia to spark public discussion of government effectiveness and the national budget. 

Please note: The information listed is publicly available and is included for educational and informational purposes only.  No copyright, title or trademark infringement is intended.