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Survey of Africa Funders – Closing Soon

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The 2018 Survey of Funders Active in Africa was launched to capture up-to-date perspectives on the interests, strategies, and approaches of funders and grantmakers and to understand why and how they are seeking to benefit African communities.

We hope to get the most comprehensive view possible, so we are inviting all funders (regardless of where they are located) who offer support targeting Africa through grants or funding to organizations located within their region and globally. 

In general, questions are intended to apply to funders headquartered both inside and outside of Africa. We invite organizations with a formal mechanism for making grants including those whose primary focus is grantmaking such as independent foundations, and organizations whose granting is a significant part of their activities such as grantmaking public charities. We want to hear from family foundations, corporate foundations, donors, and others who are using their philanthropy to address the issues facing communities across Africa.   

Responses will make a contribution to knowledge about the field and deepen our understanding of the ways philanthropy can continue to work most effectively to make a positive impact on African communities. The findings will be discussed at the AGAG 2019 Annual Conference on May 1-2 in New York and help to guide planning for AGAG’s 20th Anniversary Conference in Johannesburg in 2020. 

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and responses are confidential. In appreciation, you will receive a copy of our key findings report upon its release in spring 2019. Please direct question or inquiries to ebutler (at)