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TrustAfrica’s First Decade

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Member Spotlight*

TrustAfrica marks its first decade in supporting political, economic and social justice in Africa.

 In his latest post to the #TA10 Blog Series, Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Executive Director Tendai Murisa discusses some of the milestones for TrustAfrica and plans for the future. He also reminds us of the dangers of viewing the world and addressing challenges as silos.

The infographic of TA’s grantmaking from  2006 to 2013 provides an impressive snapshot its $20 million support to organizations inside and outside of Africa. Information on their grantmaking that includes an interactive map of grants, highlights the range of organizations based in Africa working to make a difference in their communities.  

Over the past decade, TrustAfrica has produced resources on topics ranging from African philanthropy to higher education to illicit financial flows. Several are available for download in the Resources section on the TrustAfrica website.  

For funders interested in deepening their understanding of key issues facing African communities, exploring these and other media resources on the TA website would be time well-spent.  We look forward to the being a part of the next decade of TrustAfrica’s work. 

*Member Spotlight highlights how members of AGAG are working to promote robust, effective and responsive philanthropy to benefit African communities.