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Add your voice to supporting philanthropy to benefit African communities

Stay current with the field of philanthropy targeting Africa

We convene funders, curate information and connect people and ideas, all geared to promoting effective, robust and responsive philanthropy to benefit African communities. Our annual national meeting and smaller regional meetings, research, and other resources help keep funders informed about current trends and practices.

I would definitely say because of our membership with AGAG, we have a much better sense of funding in Africa”  “It’s a good forum for knowing who other funders are, what they are doing, and engaging with them.”

Save time and resources

Funders considering funding in African countries can save time and resources when they can easily tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that can help them to decide whether or not to move forward.

“There are many, many places in Africa where funders cannot go easily because of the conflicts—countries like Somalia and Zimbabwe. There’s half of the continent where access is not very easy. Anybody who has some information or is able to go there is definitely a resource for others.”  

Meet colleagues and build partnerships

Finding and cultivating relationships with colleagues interested in partnership or collaboration on issues of common interest is important. As a result of connections made through the AGAG network, real partnerships have taken place.

AGAG helped me identify an opportunity for a partnership.”  “If I hadn’t attended the annual retreat I don’t know if I would have known what our funding partner was doing and whether there was an overlap. Our foundation is always looking for partnerships. This came at the right time.”

Learn about membership eligibility requirements and how to join. Download AGAG New Member Packet 2018

Member Benefits 

  • Networking opportunities where you can form important professional relationships with colleagues who want a better understanding of the trends and issues confronting African communities
  • Participation in a forum where you can organize and participate in activities designed to keep current about the trends and strategies.
  • Fast and easy connection via the member listserv to a network of new and experienced funders
  • Special member rates and priority registration for our annual meeting and other events.
  • Professional development opportunities at our annual meeting for member-organized sessions.
  • Regular updates on events and trends in Africa and in philanthropy that are relevant to your work.
  • Opportunities to initiate and co-sponsor meetings and projects on funding trends in Africa
  • Priority invitations regional meetings and special events featuring interesting speakers.
  • Consultation with staff with experience in philanthropy and in Africa who can provide information, assistance, and insights about funding in Africa.